Eureka High School Flood

From Eureka College (Illinois) this past summer to Eureka High School (Missouri) this winter.  Many saw the effects the flood waters brought to the high school wood gym floors this past December.

The District responded within hours of the water receding and we were there when the phone rang.  Plans and action started immediately with the goal in mind of getting things back to normal for the students.  The kids being able to play a game on the new floor this season was a “long shot” at best when the wood floor was being delivered, but this past week it became a reality.  It took organization, hard work, and communication by all.  In an emotional project like this it goes beyond being another floor.  Missouri Floor Company was proud to play part in it all.  Congrats to the Girls team for breaking the floor in with a WIN!!!

We are set to finish up the wood floor in Gym B this week and will follow through with the floors in the Aerobic & Wrestling Areas in the next couple weeks.  Pictures will follow…