YMCA Gym Floor Replacement

The #1 issue we see on wood floors, whether in your home or gymnasium, is water.  We were called out in early March when water hit the wood gym floor at the St. Charles, MO YMCA resulting in a full replacement.

Gymansium Floor Wood Athletic
Wood Gym Floor Replacement

Everyone involved acted decisively and promptly from the day of occurrence with eyes on the end goal of getting the space back in use to members.

Once given the notice to proceed, we were there within 24 hours and began coordination with Robbins Sport Surfaces for delivery of materials following removal of the floor.  Within 5 weeks the floor was removed, replaced, and finish.  It took hard work and a dedication to the goal to complete but we were proud to be a part of it.

Keeping all the YMCA facilities across the bi-state area in full operation throughout the year is no easy task.  It is simple to forget this as you grow frustrated with a piece of equipment or gymnasium being out of operation.  We all appreciate the patience members provide through unexpected repairs like this.